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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Makes you wake up with a smile.

I got the wake up alarm clock with a massive discount from Phillips.
I must admit I was sceptical about the product. Read more

Published 3 hours ago by Tinki

Great concept, poor controls and limitations let this product down...

A refreshing way to wake up, and doubles as a bed-side light too, unfortunately I can"t recommend this product and suggest that buyers at least consider the next model up. Read more

Published 5 hours ago by S L J oldfield

I was skeptical...but wrongly!!

I bought the product as Phillips were offering a discount and I"d heard that the wake-up light alarms can be very effective. Read more

Published 13 hours ago by lisacaron

Wake up naturally.. beep unnatural?

I was given the opportunity to purchase this lamp by Philips at a discount and although I already have a wake up light, there are a few things I"m not keen on so had been looking... Read more

Published 13 hours ago by RMR

Really great product

Really great product, wakes you up nice and gently! Only wished that it had gentle sounds to wake up with.

Published 1 day ago by Saphi78

Philips wake up light

When I first got this product I was excited because I had thought of getting one for a while and was looking forward to trying it out. Read more

Published 1 day ago by Olunia

Bright Mornings

I have to say I was a bit sceptical about this product. I was offered the chance of discount from Phillips to try this product and I have to say I have been very impressed. Read more

Published 1 day ago by amylee10

Bright winter morning

I had always wanted to try a daylight wake up alarm before but didn"t want to pay out a lot of money on one if it didn"t work so I was lucky to get a discount code from Philips to... Read more

Published 1 day ago by turtlefp

Excellent product

I received the Wake-up Light as part of a discount from Philips and after reading about all its benefits I was desperate to give it a go, not for me but for my daughter who always... Read more

Published 2 days ago by C. Whittall

New Wake Up Light Interesting Concept

I have been trying a Philips Wake Up Light following receiving a discount from Philips. I like the modern shape and look of the light. The clock is clear and easy to see. Read more

Published 2 days ago by Andrea Hemingway

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

29 of 29 people found the following review helpful

Functional and effective but do some research first17 Oct 2013


Amazon Vine Review (What"s this?)

I have used sunrise simulation clocks in the past and I found that they do work for me.
I don"t find getting up on dark mornings especially difficult but as I"ve got older I do
believe that lack of sunlight makes me a little grumpier in the morning (yes! cry the

Assuming one is interested in trying a dawn simulation clock, then this Philips entry-
level light is competitively priced (and there are a range of competitors; notably Lumie).

The idea (of course) it that our brains are programmed to wake us up when it gets light
and the Philips light simulates dawn by progressively getting brighter over a thirty-minute
period. For the device to work effectively it needs to be placed reasonably close to one"s
face; if the light is placed at a different level (or on the other side of the room) its
effectiveness will be reduced.

This light works very well for me. It"s easy to set and the colour of the light is fine; the
brightness is adjustable. I like the fact that it uses a low-energy LED light source that"s
most unlikely to fail.

My previous sunrise lamp had a dusk feature (the light gradually dims over a thirty-minute
period) and it is a function that I would definitely choose if purchasing a new sunrise
simulation device. As mentioned earlier, the Philips light is easy to set up, but I would like
to see a battery backup for the alarm in case of a power cut.

The alarm sound is basic but effective, however, I do find that I"m awake before the buzzer
goes off (which is the whole idea really). The device is rather lightweight and it"s easy to
knock over and slips around somewhat on a bedside cabinet (needs rubber feet, or sitting
on a rubber mat).
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful

Some flaws but still a good way to wake up 16 Oct 2013

By roses TOP 1000 REVIEWER

Amazon Vine Review (What"s this?)

I have the much older model (the tower type) of the Philips sunrise lamp range. I must admit I couldn"t live without these types of sunrise alarm clocks, and even then I still have to have another second alarm on standby. My body is terribly good at maintaining it"s sleepy state. This newer model is much more compact in size and a lot lighter as well. It"s fairly nice looking with a large and clear display. The concept of this clock works very well and I"ve lived with a sunrise clock for a few years now and they really do help you wake up without the shocking `jolt". It works by slowly lighting up 30 minutes before the alarm until it reaches the maximum brightness set. Unfortunately with this model, there is only one alarm tone, and it"s the typical horrible `beep beep". Previous models have more `melodic" sounding alarm tones. The alarm starts at a lower volume before increasing in pitch. You can set the clock display contrast and to show in 24 or 12 hour format and have the option to display AM/PM. Annoyingly unlike previous models, you can"t set the alarm for hours and minutes independently. You have to hold down the button until it cycles through to the time you want, although it cycles fast I"m always finding myself overshooting. The mode/function buttons are easy to understand and accessible to a degree but I think the weightlessness is this clock"s downfall. You wake up bleary eyed, in a disoriented state you feel out where the relatively tiny buttons are on the clock, then you are faced with the issue of pushing on the alarm button. When you attempt to turn off the alarm, the clock simply slides around the bedside table, or when pushed too hard it just flips over. You do need both hands to steady the clock when interacting with the buttons. Read more ›

12 of 13 people found the following review helpful

Doesn"t seem to be working for me 7 Oct 2013


Amazon Vine Review (What"s this?)

Thus far this contraption doesn"t seem to be working for me. Rather than being woken up gently, I am generally either being woken up with a bit of a start just as you would with alarm clock, or else only being woken up by the beeps at the end of the 30 minute "sunrise" rather than by the effects of the light itself.

One thing I can say that I do like about this is that the brightness of the clock digits can be set to one of four brightness levels. Most alarm clocks are just too bright.

On the other hand there are a number of usability negatives with this:

- When there is any external light shining on the clock, the digits are totally invisible (at least on the lower brightness setting) as the surface is very reflective. I want to keep my existing bedside light rather than use this instead, as I find it"s not quite so good at giving "directional" light for me to use to read in bed, but I can"t have that and see the clock as well. Ditto if I have the bedroom main light on.

- The buttons are a bit hard to press - you have to grasp the clock by its side to be able to press them with sufficient force, otherwise you would just knock the device over or push it backwards on your bedside table. This is a bit of a pain if you just want to sleepily reach an arm out from under the duvet and turn the light or alarm off, instead you have to prop yourself up fully to do it - right hand to turn the beep off and left hand to turn the light off. There is a "tap" function to tap anywhere on the outer bulb part - which I find somewhat flaky and unreliable in its operation - to snooze on the beeping alarm, but the designers didn"t really think about similar ease of turning the light off or turning the beep off.
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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    Philips Wake-up Light HF3500/01 with Sunrise Simulation

    Insert Alt Text here

    Imagine waking up easily and naturally, without having to be jolted awake with the noise of an alarm clock. Philips Wake-up Lights are designed to do just that. Philips Wake-up Light is ideal for anyone who finds it difficult to get up in the morning, especially in the dark winter months. Its gradual sunrise eases you awake, gently and naturally, just like a summer's dawn, and just in case, there's a back-up beeper. Wake-up feeling fresh and energetic - just as nature intended.

    Wellbeing by light

    Most people feel more energetic and fit during the bright and sunny summer season when they’re outdoors enjoying natural light. Both sunshine and daylight have a positive effect on us. When we are exposed to the right type of light, it helps to align our daily rhythm or wake up more easily. With this in mind, Philips has developed a complete range of light therapy products that boost your energy by using the unique health benefits of light.

    How does the Philips Wake-up Light work?

    Select the time you want to wake up, and let a gentle sunrise ease you into your day. 30 minutes before your chosen wake-up time, the light will come on, very gently at first, and getting gradually brighter and brighter. By the time the 30 minutes is up, you should be fully awake, gently and naturally. The light stimulates you into waking up, exactly as you would on a summer’s morning, feeling relaxed and fresh, without the need for a jarring alarm. You can adjust the brightness to a level that suits you. At the set wake up time, for extra reassurance, a beep will sound at the end of the sunrise, to make sure you are awake. Wake-up feeling fresh - just as nature intended.


    Sunrise Simulation

    Inspired by nature's sunrise, light gradually increases within 30 minutes from dim yellow until your room is filled with bright yellow light. This process of increasing light intensity stimulates your body to wake up naturally. By the time light has filled the room your chosen natural sound completes the wake up experience, leaving you ready for the day ahead.

    Back-up Beeper

    At the end of the sunrise simulation, when the light is at its brightest, a gentle beep will sound to complete the wake up experience and ensure you are awake. The sound gradually increases in volume within one and a half minutes.

    Tap snooze function

    Gently tap the Wake-up Light anywhere, and it will set the snooze mode automatically. After nine minutes the sound will gently start playing again.

    Personalised light settings

    The sensitivity to light differs per person. In general, when using a higher light intensity a person needs less time to become fully awake. The 10 light intensities of the Wake-up Light can be personalised and even be set up to 200 lux.

    Bedside light

    In addition to being a dawn simulator alarm clock, the Philips Wake-up Light can also be used as a bedside lamp, with a choice of 10 different light intensities.

    Scientifically proven

    The Philips Wake-up Light is a dawn simulator alarm clock scientifically proven to work. As experts in light technology, Philips endeavour to create the most effective Wake-up Lights possible. To this aim, Philips commissioned independent science facilities to conduct clinical research to test the efficacy and benefits of dawn simulation. This research confirmed that the Philips Wake-up Light not only wakes you more naturally, but also increases energy and has a beneficial effect on your mood in the morning.

    Developed by Philips

    Philips has over 100 years’ experience in lighting, and to this day lighting is still at the heart of the company. Philips' goal is to bring innovative products that make a difference to people's lives. Philips Wake-up Light is proud to continue this heritage, building on years of knowledge and expertise from one of the world's foremost lighting companies.

    Philips In addition to being a dawn simulator alarm clock, the Philips Wake-up Light can also be used as a bedside lamp. Click here to view a larger version. Philips Light stimulates you into waking up, exactly as you would on a summer’s morning, feeling relaxed and fresh, without the need for a jarring alarm. Click here to view a larger version. Philips Inspired by nature's sunrise, light gradually increases within 30 minutes from dim yellow until your room is filled with bright yellow light. Click here to view a larger version.

    Why choose a Philips Wake-up Light?

    No replacement bulb needed.

    The bulb in Philips Wake up light is an energy saving LED, that never needs to be replaced.

    Cool to touch - safe for children

    Normal halogen bulbs warm up lights very quickly - imagine trying to hit the snooze button on a hot lamp! The Philips Wake-up Light stays cool to the touch, so it’s much safer for you, and especially safe for children. With a Philips Wake-up Light, you just tap the unit anywhere to snooze - far simpler!

    No assembly, simply plug and go

    As the bulb is built in, there’s no worry about transit damage, and you don’t have to fiddle about installing it. Or changing it – ever.

    Large, easy to read LED display

    The numbers on the clock face are large, clear and easy to read, even on the dim setting. You choose the brightness of the numbers to suit, from dim to bright.

    Pleasant, non-aggravating beep alarm.

    Philips have listened to many alarms, so you don’t have to! And they like to think theirs is a gentle, yet effective beep. It gets gradually louder, to make sure you are awake. Although most users find the light wakes them up on its own.

    Sleek, modern design

    You spend a lot of time choosing your furnishings, so why compromise on your wake-up light? With its high quality finish, matt light diffuser, and tech white gloss body, this sleek, stylish and compact Wake-up Light will not look out of place in any setting. Functional, yet beautiful.

    Which Philips Wake-up Light is right for me?

    Philips Philips Philips Philips
    Philips HF3500/01 Philips HF3505/01 Philips HF3510/01 Philips HF3520/01
    Sunrise simulation duration 30 mins 30 mins From 20-40 mins From 20-40 mins
    Colours in sunrise simulation Yellow Yellow Yellow Red to yellow
    Sunset simulation function - - Yes Yes
    Reading lamp Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Brightness settings 10 10 20 20
    Maximum light intensity 200 lux 200 lux 300 lux 300 lux
    Type of lamp LED LED LED LED
    Number of wake-up sounds 1 2 3 5
    FM Radio - Yes Yes Yes
    Number of alarms 1 1 1 2
    Tap Snooze function Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Box Contains

    1 x Wake up Light
    2 x AC/DC adaptors
    1 x user manual
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